Member Reward Program

PWC Member Reward Program

PWC Member Information

At the end of each quarter a PWC member will win $250.00. We will announce the winner at the first meeting of the beginning of the new quarter.

To be entered to win:

  • Every time a PWC member attends a PWC meeting they will be entered one time
  • Every time a PWC member has a visitor attend then the member will be entered twice
  • Every time the visitor joins PWC then the PWC member who invited them will be entered 5 times
  • If you are a PWC Committee member during the quarter, your name will be entered one time per quarter.

Sponsorship Information

We will have a sponsor each quarter.  That sponsor will donate the 250.00 paid to the winner.

For their sponsorship they will receive:

  • A sign with their sponsor information (sign paid for & supplied by the sponsor) during the quarter they are sponsoring
  • They will be posted on the PWC website as a sponsor of the program
  • They will receive one free lunch
  • They will be mentioned at each PWC luncheon as the sponsor of the program.
  • They will be able to place their promotional marketing material on the membership table.
  • Video on social media about sponsor
Hughes Group Jacksonville

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If you’re looking to network and exchange business, the JAX Chamber’s Professional Women’s Council (PWC) is the council for you. PWC offers ample opportunities from networking and learning, to sharing ideas and exchanging business. Friendships and business relationships are at the heart of the membership.

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