Paris Hurley

My name is Paris Y Hurley, I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. I graduated from Andrew Jackson High School, after graduation I got jobs in various Retail Department Stores. In 1998, I got a job with Citigroup and I remained employed there until they did a huge layoff in June 2008.

I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to start my very own business and I always said if I’m  going to be an Entrepreneur to make sure it is something  I enjoy doing. So I decided to start a Cleaning  Service. In September of 2008, I decided to join the Chamber, which has been the best thing I ever did. Even though I wasn’t a Networker and didn’t enjoy it much I enjoyed meeting new people and getting to know about their Businesses. And the more I did it I enjoyed it and begin to get involved with the Chamber and it made a huge impact on my business.  When I’m not taking care of my mother who has Heart Disease & my brother who is Autistic I enjoy Volunteering in the Community.

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